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I have coached and mentored passionate individuals starting their own companies, visionaries thriving in tech, travel and entertainment, and future leaders rising through the ranks in large organisations like Amazon, Google and the Financial Times. My focus throughout all of my work is the clients’ satisfaction and success. That’s why I am delighted to have a 100% recommendation rate.

Hear what some of my recent clients have to say about their experience with my coaching and mentoring.

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As a young professional trying to understand what I want from life, working with Andrew has been one of the best decisions I could have made. He combines an authentic and friendly approach with a wealth of real-world experience and solid qualifications, and has helped me to gain some much-needed clarity and direction. If you are looking for somebody with the skills and a genuine desire to help you develop yourself and achieve success, Andrew is your man. 

Head of Business Development, NotLost Ltd., London

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to get a perspective from outside the company, I have found this approach unlocks potential and helps you see opportunities that are hiding right in front of you. To do this effectively, you need someone who can really get under the skin of both your business and you personally, for this, Andrew has been incredible.

He has a genuine interest in his client’s success and it shines through during every conversation. He has worked as both a coach and mentor for me, and in this time, I have found him to be approachable, understanding, guiding and have phenomenal active listening skills. As a mentor, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, which he does expertly, without condescension and by using his coaching skills, he delivers this guidance in a way that makes you think about the problem in a whole new light. If you choose to work with Andrew, you are in expert hands.

Founder & CEO, Diode Energy Ltd, London

“I had the opportunity to dive into the world of coaching under the guidance of Andrew and it has been one of my most formative experiences this year. As a coach, Andrew strikes the perfect balance between giving guidance and fostering an environment where you can craft your own answers, and I found his values-based approach particularly valuable in helping me identify where to invest my energy by shedding light on what’s really important to me – both personally and professionally. Since working together, I find myself approaching challenging situations with more curiosity and I’ve taken away a number of tactical tips and frameworks that I use day-to-day. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for a coach who will make them feel simultaneously challenged, heard and understood.”

Andrew has been coaching me for three months. Initially we mapped out my short and long term goals. Broke these down into activities and actions that I would take away after each session. Andrew got the best out of me by challenging my thoughts, asking the right question at the right time and giving excellent advice. I would recommend Andrew to any of my peers who are looking to accelerate their personal development and think strategically about their future

 Security & Network Sales Team Leader, Softcat plc, London 

I had the pleasure of going through a 10 week coaching programme with Andrew. In this time we worked through a number of areas and Andrew’s no-nonsense approach and wealth of experience enabled me to approach my business and life goals from a new perspective. It was a fun experience that left me with much more clarity on my strategic vision and the tools to take forward to help make it happen. I can wholeheartedly endorse Andrew and the value of his system and guidance to anybody seeking to achieve greater goals in both business and life.

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Maple Green Property Ltd, London

Andrew was my coach as I was transitioning roles and facing some tough career decisions. Thanks to Andrew I was able to feel confident in my decision, negotiate a better compensation package and set clear expectations with the new employer.

Andrew also coached me to understand how I could best add value in my new position. I can’t emphasise enough how helpful our coaching sessions were!!

Thanks to Andrew’s diverse working with international companies, he grasped the challenges specific to my role and my industry very quickly, which paved the way for an effective coaching relationship.

If you want a coach who is going to call you out on your nosense and hold you accountable to doing better, Andrew is perfect.

Customer Success Lead EMEA, Mentorloop Ltd., London

Andrew was heavily involved in developing GYG’s business since its flotation in 2017, transforming the marketing function and pioneering the introduction of new IT systems and business processes. He brought a professional approach and big company perspective whilst quickly understanding and adapting to the nuances of the superyacht industry.

I really enjoyed working with Andrew and would recommend his services to any company that wants to scale or needs help improving the fundamentals of its business.

Group Commercial Director, GYG plc, International

Working with Andrew as my coach has been an incredibly positive and thought-provoking experience. The most important part of the process has been that he listened and from there has helped me identify challenges as well as small, incremental improvements through understanding the ‘different perspective’. He knew how to help me learn the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally.

Recruiting Manager EMEA, Amazon, London

Andrew has been an extremely important cog in many things that have gone well for me since I started my session with him. He has been a brilliant sounding-board, provides plenty of space, and got me to learn more about myself than I ever knew. His methodical approach really helped me make some tough decisions, especially as I was looking to make a career change, successfully I must add. I leave every session feeling much more confident, more in control, and has been brilliant for my mental health too. Thank you, Andrew.

Client Account Manager, Financial Times Ltd., London

I had the pleasure of engaging with Andrew over a 4 week course covering a variety of topics but focusing on my Leadership, Expertise and Relationship skills within my role as a Manager at a Big 4 firm. 

Andrew has a natural and unique way to help you build the thinking needed to understand the blockers and develop a solution to the problem at hand. This is a far richer way to buy myself into the solution as opposed to simply being told what to do. I very much valued the tactical changes we could make to make a bigger difference and I can already see benefits coming through – I.e our work on delegation through effective leadership. 

The programme was well structured and delivered. The data driven start through the survey enabled us to identify the value drivers and then being flexible enough to explore exactly what tangible changes could be made to make progress against the overall issues. 

I would highly recommend the programme and Andrew as a coach to others. 

Manager Operational Restructuring, PwC, London

It’s been an absolute privilege working with Andrew over the last number of months. Andrew has been both encouraging and thought-provoking throughout our time working together and I’ve come to greatly value his approach to mentorship. His ability to ask impactful questions and listen actively to my responses has helped me cultivate much greater clarity in thinking.

Andrew was so helpful throughout our sessions. He really challenged me to think about things in a different way by asking me (sometimes quite tough) questions. The best part was that by the end I felt really empowered as Andrew had shown me that I could come up with the answers by myself. It was a great experience and a real confidence boost!

Andrew is an endless source of inspiration. He has helped me greatly throughout the last few years in overcoming the professional and personal challenges I have faced.

We met in 2012 when I joined the Ibiza Rocks Group and Andrew was its COO. I immediately gained a massive respect and admiration for him and his passion in what he does and how he does it. We have kept in touch after he left the Group in 2014 and he has helped me find MY balance between life and work. I truly appreciate and am grateful for the way he helps me question everything.

I was recently appointed as CEO of a group of companies and found great challenges and issues. Andrew has coached me throughout this time in a way I could never thank him enough for.

I completed a 6 month programme with Andrew with the initial goal around business and start-up coaching. This quite quickly evolved to coaching all aspects and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

When we started I was in a chaotic head space with no real direction, clarity or vision. After the 6 months I now feel more focused than ever, more at peace than ever with the most amount of direction and clarity I have ever had. Andrew gave me brilliant tools on how to overcome my blockers and without judgement he guided me through so I was able to formulate my own answers.

I could not recommend Andrew more for any type of coaching. His approach is subtle yet demanding and he really got the best out of me. As I say, it truly has changed my life and how I look at everything and I am incredibly grateful that we got to work together.

Anyone considering a course, I would suggest the 6 months, it allowed me to really get into it as this was my first experience of anything like this. The sessions every 2 weeks gave enough time to reflect and then prepare for the next session.

Thank you Andrew!


As business owners we take onboard everything and it’s very overwhelming – what we need is someone we can trust to share this burden. Andrew is perfect He listens without interrupting.

He is patient and with his business background is obviously very experienced so he can empathise with any situation.

What else could you want from a business coach ?

Everyone needs an ¨Andrew ¨

I’ve been working with Andrew for around 18 months now and would highly recommend him and his skills as a business mentor.

Throughout this period he has been a clear voice of reason through decision making and encouraged me to approach situations in a much more analytical way that has aided in me not making decisions that would delay our growth.

I fully intend to continue to work with him as my businesses grow and am looking forward to the next phase of our growth that, with his guidance, will see us hit some pretty incredible goals!

If you’re considering working with Andrew as a business guide or mentor, I would strongly recommend him.

I had the pleasure of receiving a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Andrew.

The sessions were very timely indeed, having just moved into a new leadership role. Andrew did a fantastic job of helping me break down the key challenges that such a move presented and coaching me through the creation of an action plan of sorts to tackle them.

Andrew clearly has huge career experience and does a great job of incorporating this into his coaching, whilst always remaining practical and focused in the advice he provides, which makes said advice relevant to the specific problems that I was attempting to solve.

I would highly recommend Andrew’s coaching services to anyone looking to progress themselves and their career.

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