Could you benefit from a trusted advisor?

That’s where I come in.

As a trained and highly experienced mentor, I bring a fresh perspective, vast experience and access to an extensive network of professional contacts. I will act as your trusted ally and personal sounding board to help you clarify your thinking, make those big decisions and lead with confidence.

Tapping into my technical and business expertise can help break the inertia and accelerate progress towards your business goals. My insight and guidance can help you to spot opportunities and avoid some of the pitfalls.  

My mentoring services

Mentoring is similar to coaching in that it involves working one-on-one to help clarify thinking, make decisions and design actions towards achieving a specific objective. However, it differs in two ways:

  • It tends to be a long, sometimes permanent, arrangement.
  • The mentor brings different perspectives and advice based on their business knowledge and experience to expand the debate.

That’s why it’s imperative to find a mentor who provides an excellent relational fit and one who has the relevant knowledge and business experience.

I only work with people and businesses where I know I can add value by offering knowledge and insight and providing an effective sounding board and thinking buddy. I invest the time to understand your business, your strategy, your team, customers, market, product and systems to help and advise you. My clients often look upon me as a “virtual non-exec director”, someone who’s committed to the business’s success. 

My business advisory services

I provide advisory services for clients when they need an extra business resource for specific projects, events or when they require expert skills for a period of time. My advisory packages are bespoke and flexible, with leaders often choosing to combine them with existing mentoring packages.

My aim is always to provide you with high impact interventions and transfer lasting knowledge to deliver significant long-term value and enable your organisation to move forward independently. You can choose what skills and services you need to tap into to get your business moving in the right direction; leading strategic planning sessions with the board, facilitating workshops with the senior leadership group or working alongside your teams to deliver specific work products.

Areas of work
My typical business consultancy clients include start-ups, SMEs, and mid-sized companies and brands planning a global expansion or significant change.

My extensive international experience and professional training enable me to advise on a broad range of topics, including:-

  • Strategic planning
  • International expansion
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Sales and customer (CRM) development
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • New product development
  • Business process improvement
  • Technical transformation
  • Organisational change and development

Unsure if my services meet your needs or which programme would be the best fit?

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