Thinking with Three Brains; Head, Heart and Gut.

In this episode of Purpose to Performance, you feel the energy and passion from my guest, Christoffel Sneijders, as he explains the concept of the three brains and how he has developed it into a powerful coaching methodology through which he helps business leaders improve the quality of their thinking and performance.

It’s a compelling concept; we are all aware of the power of our gut instinct and heartfelt connections, but few of us have really considered how the thinking from these organs is integrated with the logical thinking in our heads. Christoffel describes how this complex thinking and decision-making system works and provides practical examples of how we can improve the alignment of our three brains.

We discuss how through coaching, business leaders can identify imbalances in their thinking process and learn how to harness the power of their three brains to improve the quality of their leadership, decision-making, and connection with their teams. I find it a fascinating topic, and it’s always a pleasure to talk with Christoffel; I highly recommend listening to this episode.

Christoffel is a visiting professor of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership at the IE Business School in Madrid. He’s a world-renown executive coach working with business leaders and high-performing teams around the globe. He trained in clinical therapy in Australia and is a practising clinical hypnotherapist but is best known for his pioneering work developing the 3 Brains theory and coaching methodology, which we discuss in this podcast. He is also the author of the best-selling book about relationships, “How Men & Women Fit”, and a sought-after international speaker. To contact Christoffel go to Personal Excellence & Leadership Academy

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