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Leadership Attributes & Reading List

Here’s my summary of the elements that I believe are essential to effective leadership, together with some references for further reading:-

  1. Passion – the energy that drives you. Bruce Rosengarten, “Passionate Leadership”
  2. Vision – you may refer to it as your purpose or your “why”. This is what shapes your intent, inspires your followers and facilitates alignment within the organisation. Simon Sinek, “Finding your Why”
  3. Integrity – acting with integrity is the cornerstone that builds trust that is essential to credible, sustainable leadership. Dr Henry Cloud, “Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality”
  4. Authenticity – removes the barriers that can cloud and inhibit loyal and productive relationships. Dr Karissa Thacker, “The Art of Authenticity”
  5. Vulnerability – putting your ego aside to embrace the power of vulnerability allows the people around you to contribute their full potential. Dr Brene Brown, “The Power of Vulnerability”
  6. Empathy– practising the skill that enables you to truly connect with people on an emotional level, enabling them to perform at their best. Daniel Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence”
  7. Compassion – being compassionate helps you to create a safe environment that supports your staff, engendering loyalty and commitment. Chris Whitehead, “Compassionate Leadership”
  8. Self-awareness – honest reflection gives you access to your inner power-sources enabling you to leverage your strengths and values whilst challenging your limiting beliefs and behaviours. Fiona Murden, “Defining You” and Prof. Steve Peters, “The Chimp Paradox”
  9. Communication – the ability to connect and communicate with people in a focused and efficient manner. Dr Kim Scott, “Radical Candor”
  10. Resilience – the tenacity and mental toughness that sustains you, allowing you to persevere. Damon Zahariades, “The Mental Toughness Handbook”
  11. Courage – allows you to act in the face of uncertainty and to take risks embracing the essential learnings that come from failing. Brene Brown, “Dare to Lead”
  12. Thinking – being curious and giving yourself the mental freedom to let go of dogma and seek out what you don’t know to find wisdom and insight. Adam Grant, “Think Again”

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