An Entrepreneur’s Transformational Journey Inspired by Belief, Underpinned by Compassion and Driven by the Need to Overcome Rejection.

Margaret Whitaker, OBE, is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, investor and philanthropist who is credited with improving the health and well-being of the UK over the last fifty years.

On this week’s edition of the Purpose To Performance podcast, Margaret recounts her remarkable and inspiring story from early adoption and becoming a teenage mother through founding Slimming World and developing the business to become the UK’s most successful weight loss group. She has overcome feelings of rejection and low self-worth to become an inspiring business leader and ground-breaking philanthropist recognised for her charitable endeavours and contribution to the health of the nation.

Join me as I discover the secrets to Margaret’s compassionate leadership and explore how she has transitioned from start-up business founder to chair of several multi-million pound companies and the driving force behind charities and NGO’s that are pioneering health and medical research.


What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The power of reframing negative feelings like rejection to create motivation and desire to succeed
  • The importance of self-belief in overcoming obstacles and un-locking potential
  • How scarcity of capital and resources prompts innovation and creativity
  • How empathy and compassion lead to connection, trust and inspiration
  • The importance of core values like trust, groundedness and hard work
  • The power of social cohesion and accountability
  • Why word-of-mouth marketing trumps big advertising budgets
  • Understanding what good managers look like
  • Learning through doing and daring to make mistakes
  • Investment in high-quality training is vital when scaling a service based business

About my guest:

Margaret Whitaker, OBE is the founder and chair of Slimming World, the owner of Pearl Motor Yachts, and the Son Amar Group.


About me:

I am a business and leadership coach who helps business owners and senior executives become more effective leaders and optimise their performance.

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Purpose To Performance podcast featuring hosted by Andrew Clemence and featuring Margaret Whittaker, OBE

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