Career development, coaching and the power of corporate cultures.

Chiara Massironi, Manager, Developer Education at Twilio talks about career development, being coached and the power of corporate cultures.

In a remarkably candid interview Chiara talks about how she followed her curiosity and used her values to guide her early career decisions. Discovering that the start-up environment provided the mix of creativity, challenge and opportunity for her to perform at her best. She talks about taking ownership of her career, seeking out knowledge and learning by doing, as the keys to her early success in a series of leadership roles in several tech start-ups.

Chiara speaks passionately about the power of organisational culture, highlighting the important role it played when she joined US tech company SendGrid, allowing her to feel part of the global team from day one. She explains what it was like to go through an acquisition and how well the giant communication platform, Twilio, handled the integration of SendGrid through a process of consultation and adjustment to the “Twilio Magic” to embrace the nuances of the acquired company.

In the second part of the show Chiara discusses her experience of being coached, openly sharing her preconceptions, the reality and the results of her recent coaching programme. She offers advice to other Millennial’s who may be considering coaching, including her thoughts on how to find the right coach.

Finally, Chiara talks about the voluntary work she does as a mentor for The Girls Network, a charitable organisation that provides mentors and professional female role models to support and inspire girls from the least advantaged communities in the UK. For more information about The Girls Network follow the link:-

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