“Coaching Heads”, Personalised Leadership Coaching for Headteachers

On this week’s edition of the Purpose To Performance podcast, Dr Rob Petrie and I announce the launch of our new venture, Coaching Heads, which will provide headteachers with personalised leadership coaching services. We explain our mission to ensure that every headteacher has access to high-quality, bespoke coaching that enables them to thrive personally and professionally.


The statistics around burn-out among UK headteachers are frightening and our research confirms that many school leaders are feeling overwhelmed by the constant challenge of balancing results and budgets. Our objective is to provide heads with the independent, non-judgmental support they need to develop the strategies and skills to overcome the challenges that are frustrating their performance and causing stress.


Rob and I passionately believe in the importance of inspiring children and providing them with the best possible opportunities in life, this can only be achieved if headteachers are given the support they need to perform at their best. As two experienced professional leadership coaches, we are committed to providing headteachers with individual, affordable, and effective coaching.

Click on the link for more information about Coaching Heads or contact Dr Rob Petrie or Andrew Clemence.


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Perpose To Performance podcast with Andrew Clemence and Dr Rob Petrie

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