How to Improve Your Emotional Literacy.

We all experience emotions all the time but how many of us really understand them and have the ability to unlock the messages they are sending us? Emotional Literacy is just that, the ability to recognise, interpret and regulate our emotions.

This week on Purpose To Performance I’m fortunate to be joined by an expert on the subject. Dan Newby has spent the last 20 ears researching, coaching, writing and speaking about emotions. He’s one of the foremost authorities on the topic of emotional literacy. As an ontological and somatic coach Dan helps people explore their emotions to create greater awareness and develop the skills to navigate their personal and provisional lives with greater dexterity and balance.

Listen in as Dan helps me navigate through this fascinating and important conversation about emotions and how we can improve our emotional intelligence.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • What emotions are and what purpose they serve
  • Why we are so uneducated when it comes to understanding emotions
  • How to start improving your awareness and understanding of emotions
  • The power of emotional literacy and the practical benefits of emotional intelligence
  • Fear, anxiety and self-doubt how to recognise the difference between this cluster of emotions and advice for overcoming emotional barriers
  • How to get better at handling emotionally based decisions
  • How to unlock, embrace and enjoy suppressed emotions
  • The secret to using movement to change your mood
  • How to use your emotional literacy to prepare for tasks with understanding and intent
  • The benefits of ontological and somatic coaching for strengthening your emotional literacy and improving psychological well-being


About my guest

Dan Newby is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of emotional literacy. He is a prodigious researcher, writer, coach, and speaker as well as the founder of School of Emotions, a learning and coaching platform that helps people improve their emotional literacy.


About me:

I am a business and leadership coach who helps business owners and senior executives become more effective leaders and optimise their performance.

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Purpose To Performance podcast hosted by Andrew Clemence with special guest Dan Newby.

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