Karen Darke MBE: Lessons from Bhutan and Plans for the Pole of Possibility

Karen Darke MBE is a transformational coach, celebrated author, inspirational speaker, gold-medallist Paralympian athlete, and a global explorer. I managed to catch her between two incredible adventures to have a fascinating conversation across a range of interesting topics including growth mindset, compassion, kindness, performance, and innovation.
Lessons from Bhutan
Karen led a trip to Bhutan in September for a small group of people seeking to find their “inner gold” – creating peace and perspective in their minds to reduce stress and allow them to find their best selves. Karen describes the unique Bhutanese culture which is based on Buddhist values of kindness and compassion explaining how the country makes major investment decisions based on the impact on “Gross Domestic Happiness” rather than the Western model of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  She provides fascinating insights into how this remarkable approach to government manifests itself in everyday life as well as commenting on the lessons that we can learn from this special place.
Plans for the Pole of Possibility
We then shift focus to Karen’s next, and even more challenging adventure to Antarctica in December. She’ll be pushing the boundaries in her quest to find the “Pole of Possibility” – a previously uncharted location in the middle of the Antarctic ice cap where the 79th meridians of longitude and latitude cross. Karen explains the personal significance of this place and the goals of this three-person expedition; exploring ICE: Inner Gold, Connection, Environment: the sustainable wellness of people & planet. She describes the deep mental and physical preparation required to undertake such an immense challenge, and how she uses her deep understanding of mindset and her inner strengths of determination, positivity, and resilience to power performance and unlock potential. 
It’s a truly inspiring conversation that’s relevant to us all as we seek to find our inner gold, unlock our full potential and discover the possibilities that are there for us in our lives and careers. 
What you’ll learn in this podcast:
• How transformational coaching can help you develop, change and achieve
• The importance of creating mental space and inner peace to relieve stress and anxiety
• How adopting kindness and compassion creates harmony for you and those around you
• Where focus goes – energy flows
• The power of conscious choice; how you can choose whether an experience will be heavenly or hell
• How to harness your inner gold to unlock your potential
• Busyness is not a reality it’s a state of mind
• The power of connectedness, what’s possible when you combine a positive mindset with science, innovation, and nature
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Purpose To Performance podcast hosted by Andrew Clemence and featuring special guest Karen Darke MBE.

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