Lawrence Hunt, chair of addmustard marketing, technology, and creative agency, shares insights for start-up entrepreneurs

Successful CEO, investor, business owner, and chair of digital marketing agency addmustard, Lawrence Hunt, openly shares insights for start-up entrepreneurs in this episode of Purpose To Performance.

Right from his school days, Lawrence has followed his entrepreneurial spirit which led to 9 start-ups, 2 failures, 5 exits, and 2 IPOs. He’s had some incredible highs, like successfully launching SilverJet, one of the most innovative all-business class transatlantic airlines acclaimed by its customers and industry observers. He’s also experienced the personal stress and angst that comes with having to close failing businesses.

Over the last thirty years, Lawrence has learned to handle success and failure with equanimity, integrity, and resilience. He has also garnered a great deal of insight and wisdom on some of the critical factors that determine the success or failure of start-up businesses which he shares with our listeners.

Tune in to hear this compelling story from a very honest, humble, and engagingly charismatic entrepreneur.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The joy of using your talent to make a difference
  • The energy, focus, and resilience it takes to establish a start-up
  • The mistake of not raising enough money
  • Take the money – don’t be too precious about sharing equity
  • The need to hire people who are comfortable with, or can adjust to, a start-up culture
  • Every £1 of cost matters even in a multi-million £ business
  • The importance of focusing on building a good business – the buyers will find it
  • How to recognise your exit point
  • Investors invest in good CEOs
  • Tips for building resilience, managing stress, and avoiding the valley of despair

About my guest

Lawrence Hunt is the chair of addmustard a marketing, technology, and creative agency that specialises in helping entrepreneurs to drive growth, performance, and brand value. For more information go to addmustard

About me:

I am a business and leadership coach who helps business owners and senior executives become more effective leaders and optimise their performance.

My coaching programmes are specifically designed to address the issues most start-up founders face, helping executives and entrepreneurs lead confidently and accelerate their business growth.

For more information about his business coaching services and to take your leadership to the next level, go to

For more information about the podcast, go to Purpose To Performance

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Purpose To Performance podcast hosted by Andrew Clemence with special guest Lawrence Hunt

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