Leadership coach Dr Rob Petrie on Mindfulness

It’s not often you get to talk to a quantum physicist, a distinguished headteacher, and a transformational leadership coach in a single conversation, but Dr Rob Petrie is just that. Not only is he super smart, but he also has bucket loads of emotional intelligence and a passionate desire to make a positive impact.  All of which makes him an incredibly powerful coach – I know this first hand as he coaches me!

One of the areas he has helped me achieve some really important breakthroughs is becoming more mindful. Rob’s an expert in mindfulness and its impact on productivity and contentment, so I’m delighted to have him on the Purpose to Performance podcast to share some of his wisdom.

In this episode, we cover a range of topics around mindfulness. First we discuss what mindfulness is and isn’t —exploring how we can become more present and intentional in our day-2-day lives. Then, reflect on what gets in the way and how we can overcome the barriers to performance and contentment. Finally, Rob shares a host of practical tips that we can all use to help us become more productive and in control of our time and emotions.

I promise you’ll get so much out of listening to this episode, and I highly recommend reaching out to Rob if you would like some help in this area.

To contact Rob, go to Dr Rob Petrie, connect with him on LinkedIn or email him at; rob@drrobpetrie.com

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