Lynn Scott, executive coach and author of “The Effortless Leader Revolution”, tackles common leadership challenges.

Lynn is an ICF Master Certified Coach, owner of Lynn Scott Coaching Ltd and the Effortless Leader Revolution, and a very experienced leadership coach. On today’s pod, she talks in detail about the challenges modern leaders face, the struggles she faced in her first senior leadership position which gave her such a passion for this work, and how, through her coaching programmes, they can overcome the obstacles that get in the way of performance. Lynn refers to her book, “The Effortless Leader Revolution”, to explain her goal of helping business leaders from all sectors develop the competencies and confidence to lead effectively. In the conversation, we delve into the coaching process, discussing how it works and how progress and results are measured, providing insights for those considering hiring a leadership coach.

The conversation switches to teams with Lynn explaining the nuances of coaching teams exploring how value is unlocked by optimising team performance. We continue by discussing group coaching, and how the adoption and acceptance of digital technology has changed the economics of delivery making it accessible to a far wider audience. Finally, we debate the recent trends in behavioural norms in the workplace and speculate on the future implications for business coaching.

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