Mentorloop’s Head of Customer Success on teamwork and career development.

Marina Sancho, Head of Customer Success EMEA, Mentorloop talks about; start-ups, teamwork, career development and mentoring.

In her engagingly direct style, Marina talks about how she discovered her passion for working in the entrepreneurial environment of start-ups. Discussing the pivotal events that shaped her formative career and fuelled her success in the customer success space. Marina speaks about the art and science of teamwork and its importance in driving performance, especially in young, dynamic businesses.

We also discuss how coaching helped her plan and execute a successful career transition. Marina explains how she felt stuck and needed some help to unlock her thinking and challenge her mindset to gain clarity about where she wanted to take her career. She describes the process of reflection and introspection facilitated by the coach’s questions and observations. Finally, Marina comments how the coaching also enabled her to develop self-awareness of her value and then how to use this to negotiate the right entry conditions for her chosen post.

In the final part of the pod, Marina explains how Mentorloop provides a digitally enabled mentoring platform that allows global enterprises and NGO’s to make mentoring available across their organisations. This includes traditional, reciprocal, reverse and peer-to-peer mentoring. She explains the impact of democratising mentoring and learning across companies, especially for diversity and inclusion.

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