A World Champion Approach to Creating Successful Businesses

What does it take to be the best in the world? Talent obviously, passion yes, but then comes the hard work, endless practice and attention to detail, constant self-reflection and adjustment, resilience, trust in and reliance on your team, much like running a successful business. In this episode of Purpose To Performance, I interview Martyn Smith, world champion acrobat, creative producer, and successful entrepreneur.

Martyn’s an old friend and ex-colleague who has achieved great success as the co-founder and leader of several entertainment and hospitality businesses. He’s an easy-going and humble guy who shies away from the limelight, but this masks a deep intensity and personal drive that has led to his success as an elite athlete and a business leader.

During our conversation, Martyn shares his perspectives on various topics including personal development, leadership, product innovation, and creative marketing. Here are a few snippets of wisdom to get you interested.

  • Don’t dwell on your mistakes; focus on continuous improvement
  • If you don’t feel you’re progressing or growing, take action to change your situation or you’ll get frustrated
  • You either embrace failure as part of thriving or retreat into a hole
  • There are no bad ideas; it’s what you do with them
  • Hospitality is all about the experience; attention to detail is vital
  • Believe in your product and create trends to help the customers find it
  • Attract the right market; don’t dumb it down or discount to drive volume and popularity
  • Stay true to the concept but listen to your customer and adapt
  • Reflect on what you’re good at and find good people to cover the gaps
  • Find people who can buy into your vision and standards to form your leadership team
  • Create a transparent leadership culture and let your people share the success
  • Strive to be the best in what you choose to do


Martyn Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Social Club Mallorca and the CEO of Son Amar

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Graphic of Purpose To Performance podcast hosted by Andrew Clemence and featuring Martyn Smith

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