Serial entrepreneur offers insights into growing successful businesses

Patricia Rossello is a very successful entrepreneur. She founded her first travel business straight from university and sold it 6 years later to the CoOp group for an eight-figure sum. She followed that with another successful venture, also in the travel sector, this time selling to a PE fund for another multi-million-pound exit. After two senior executive roles in major global travel companies, she founded her latest travel technology business in the midst of the pandemic. Patricia is also an associate professor at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

As well as being a very accomplished businesswoman, Patricia is one of the most charming, vivacious, and caring people I know. In my experience, most successful entrepreneurs tend to be slightly obsessive, focusing all their passion and energy on their businesses. Patricia matches the best in talent, energy, and commitment, but she also displays a distinctive balance between her business and personal life. Therefore, I was intrigued to discover how she maintains the equilibrium that allows her to enjoy her family, friends, and hobbies whilst leading successful business enterprises.

During the pod, Patricia shares her thoughts on:

  • Inspirational mentors & leaders
  • Work ethic
  • Deriving confidence from your support network
  • Presence and perspective
  • The importance of listening to your customer to guide your product innovation
  • How failure makes you stronger
  • The power of honesty and transparency in leadership
  • How loyalty is generated by caring deeply about your employees

Enjoy the Pod!

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Purpose To Performance Podcast featuring Patricia Rossello

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