The CEO of CareerPoint shares his vision for democratising in-company coaching.

Steve McIntosh, recovering accountant, HR professional, successful entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of CareerPoint joins the Pod to talk about his vision of bringing career advancement coaching to a global audience of young professionals including underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. In doing so he hopes to transform employee development for the masses and dramatically increase value for the organisations that employ them.

Steve explains how the business model is based on a proprietary coaching framework designed by HR professionals and encapsulated in his book, “The Employee Value Curve”. Having met his co-founders at Oxford University whilst studying for his executive MBA, the CareerPoint team have launched a global business that aims to help a million young people advance their career. Several luminaries from Oxford University sit on the advisory board of CareerPoint. Furthermore, the company is partnering with the university to bring new data to inform research on employee development.

Having recognised the power of the CareerPoint methodology and bought into the team’s ambitions, I recently chose to join their ranks and will be supporting them through my coaching practice. Together, we discuss the power and opportunity of influencing the lives and careers of thousands of young people around the globe. Steve speaks candidly about how he sees CareerPoint disrupting the market, the challenges of scaling a start-up business and his vision for the future.

It’s a compelling story told in Steve’s engagingly open style and Scottish brogue. I would commend it to all young professionals aspiring to advance their careers and global CEOs looking to unlock the value of their workforce.

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Steve McIntosh, Founder & CEO of CareerPoint

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