Transforming Organisational Culture and Performance.

Bernie Price is an award-winning executive coach who has helped business leaders and organisations achieve successful performance and cultural transformations. Through her company, Pragmatic People Solutions, Bernie has worked with some of the largest travel, transportation and financial service companies in the UK, delivering award-winning transformational programmes.


I am delighted to reconnect with Bernie,  an ex-colleague from my early days as an executive director in the travel industry, to discuss her work as a transformational coach. In an engrossing hour of conversation, we talk about coaching leaders to optimise performance, helping teams deal with conflict, and how to inspire and deliver positive change in organisations. Along the way, we touch on some of today’s hot topics, such as creative disruption, “rust-out”, and “the great resignation”.

It’s a fascinating podcast that I’d recommend to any business leaders wrestling with the challenge of re-energising or re-focusing their organisations in the wake of the pandemic.


What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Critical success factors for delivering successful organisational transformations
  • Post-pandemic recalibration and finding personal balance
  • How to overcome “Rust-out” – rediscovering your passion for your job
  • Strategies for dealing with “The Great Resignation” and the “Silent Exit”
  • The power of generative coaching
  • Harnessing creative disruptors using positive intent
  • How to resolve conflict in teams
  • Overcoming the “difficult middle” in change projects
  • The fundamentals of designing the future organisation
  • The importance of good nutrition and regular exercise for optimising performance and reducing stress


About my guest

Bernie Price is an award-winning executive and leadership coach, the managing director of Pragmatic People Solutions, an organisation devoted to inspiring people and companies through cultural transformation. For more information or to contact Bernie go to


About me:

I am a business and leadership coach who helps business owners and senior executives become more effective leaders and optimise their performance.

My coaching programmes are specifically designed to address the issues most start-up founders face, helping owners lead confidently and accelerate their business growth.

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Purpose To Performance podcast hoested by Andrew Clemence and featuring Bernie Price

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