What does it take to lead a successful start-up?

I’ve spent many years learning what it takes to lead a successful start-up, now I coach founders and small business owners on the secret to leading successful organisations. This week on Purpose To Performance, I have Ed Ewer, the founder & CEO of SYR, helping me unpack the topic.

SYR is the new global marine recruitment agency disrupting the superyacht industry. The company is thriving, hitting all its growth and performance targets since its launch in February 2021. In this time, Ed has developed a strong team with a clear vision and shared values. He’s also created, a distinctive and sustained social media campaign has helped to establish the brand and build its reach. As a result, the business has established a strong portfolio of customers and developed an excellent reputation for service and delivery.

Like every start-up, it has taken a monumental effort from Ed to get the business to where it is today. Along the way he’s benefited from the guidance and support of a professional business coach.

In this episode of we take the opportunity to look back and discuss some of the key decisions Ed made, as well as the challenges he faced, what he’s learned, and his advice to anyone considering hiring a business coach.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • What motivated Ed to start his own business
  • The vision and goals for the business he wanted to create
  • The process he went through in preparing to launch SYR
  • How he knew he was ready to get started
  • How he identified the gaps in his skillset and filled them by recruiting the right people
  • His most significant challenges and how he overcame them
  • How having a business coach like me has helped Ed sharpen his business strategy and strengthen his leadership skills
  • What advice he would give to other business owners considering hiring a coach
  • How Ed has adapted SYR’s strategy to respond to the economic uncertainties that have impacted the business environment
  • How SYR is positioning itself for future growth

About my guest:

Ed Ewer is the co-founder and CEO of SYR, a global marine agency specialising in shore-side recruitment.

About me:

I am a business and leadership coach who helps business owners and senior executives become more effective leaders and optimise their performance.

My coaching programmes are specifically designed to address the issues most start-up founders face, helping owners lead with confidence and accelerate their business growth.

For more information about his business coaching services and to take your leadership to the next level, go to andrewclemence.com

For more information about the podcast, go to Purpose To Performance

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Purpose To Performance podcast hosted by Andrew Clemence and featuring Ed Ewer, Founder & CEO of SYR

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