What Makes A Great Leader? with Ciarán Coleman

In episode 10 of Purpose To Performance, I get into a lively discussion with my friend and mentor coach, Ciarán F Coleman PCC FCIPD, about what makes a great leader. Ciarán refers to Posner & Kouzes “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®” to explain the core competencies required for effective leadership. We debate how corporate leadership has evolved from the hierarchical “Tell” culture that we both experienced in our early careers in the late ’80s & ’90s to the more relational style of today’s democratised digital world. 
We argue whether the current education system is equipping students with the leadership skills they need to succeed in the modern organisation and discuss how companies are investing in global coaching programmes to continue their development. Talent development has become an essential tool in a company’s arsenal to combat the “Great Resignation”, where organisations are struggling to recruit and retain their valued employees.
The conversation moves on to consider the specific challenges of team leadership. In discussing how leaders break down barriers to build trusting relationships and gain alignment, we touch on the seminal work of Patrick Lencioni and his “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. We draw on our mutual experience working with multi-national companies as we debate the complexities of leading multi-cultural teams in today’s distributed, remote workforce.
Finally, we exchange opinions on the future of leadership and its development both in commercial enterprises and society in general. We share a general optimism around the trend towards a modern leadership culture based on listening, questioning, learning and supporting.
PURPOSE TO PERFORMANCE hosted by Andrew Clemence, MBA, ACC
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Barry Posner & Jim Kouzes; Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
Erin Meyer; The Culture Map

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