Embracing Stress: A Key to Performance Enhancement

Embracing Stress: A Key to Performance Enhancement

Navigating the Seas of Stress

In the context of my 40+ years in business, stress has been a recurring theme, sometimes a motivator, and at other times, a formidable adversary. Reflecting on various chapters of my career, I’ve discerned that not all stress is created equal—its impact is nuanced, and our response to it can be empowering or debilitating.


When I think back to moments of peak stress in my past career, various situations come to mind: directing disaster recovery teams for an international tour operator in the aftermath of natural disasters or facing a sea of expectant faces and TV cameras to announce the cancellation of a high-stakes show in Miami. Undoubtedly, these scenarios were stressful, but they were challenges that  forged a heightened version of myself. The stress, in these instances, was a catalyst for elevated performance.


However, there’s a darker side to stress, one born from a dissonance between personal values and the trajectory a business is taking. I’ve sat in boardrooms, feeling powerless and isolated as decisions clashed with my core values. This flavour of stress wasn’t an inspiration but a burden that inhibited my natural tendencies, pushing me into a self-imposed shell.


The research echoes what experience has taught me on my journey—stress isn’t a monolith. It wears different faces and its impact hinges on its alignment with our core values. When stress emanates from a clash of values, it tends to be corrosive, hindering performance. Conversely, when aligned with our values, stress from a task’s sheer scale, novelty or importance can propel us to new heights of performance.


In today’s fast-paced business milieu, stress is an unwavering companion. Its inevitability makes it imperative to not merely endure but understand its varied manifestations. Recognising the symbiotic dance between stress, values, and performance is a linchpin for personal development.


As a performance coach committed to unlocking the full potential of business leaders, my modus operandi revolves around illuminating the diverse shades of stress. By fostering awareness of its nuances, we pave the way for tailored strategies and techniques. These, in turn, not only help to manage stress but optimise both performance and overall well-being.


Embracing Stress As A Key to Performance Enhancement


In the grand odyssey of your professional career, stress can be either an anchor or a sail. The key lies in deciphering its language, understanding its origins, and orchestrating a response that transforms stress from a foe into a formidable ally. As your performance coach, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey, transcending the confines of stress to unlock your fullest potential.


Are you ready to elevate your performance amidst the waves of stress? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Use this link to book a free, no-obligation discovery call to find out how you can harness stress to improve your performance and well-being.




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